Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Ice Cream Party, Easy as Thank You Tags!

As I am writing this post, it's hardly ice-cream weather. We've had some small glimpses of spring, but it's not sunshine and swimwear just yet (thank heavens says my winter body!)

It is less than a month until my little little man turns three, and he has decided he wants an Ice-Cream Party. Fingers crossed the weather comes to the party!

I am pretty excited at his request actually. He had previously asked for a Thomas cake, which was to include pretty much the entire cast of Thomas and Friends. An ice cream party provides the opportunity for a lot more creativity, possibility and I think fun!

When he made this request, I just happened to have my little bundle of goodies from The Make Good Co. in front of me and was hit by a brain wave. So I have decided to share with you my first little DIY in a while. 

Easy Ice Cream Thank You Tags

Oooh I love stationery

What You Need;

Felt Tip Pens - One Black, One Red
Large Kraft Gift Tags
Alphabet Stamps + a black ink pad (or your message can be handwritten)
Pastel Heart Stickers - your choice of colour for the ice-cream
Mini Bunting Stickers
Mini Polka Dot Stickers - bright pink for the cherry or a red felt tip pen

It's seriously very simple! 

1. Get your gift tags.

2. Put down a heart sticker close to the top in the centre as shown (leave room for a cherry). Then place a mini bunting sticker over the top where the sides of the heart just meet with the corners of the triangle.

See, not rocket science...

3. If you have some bright pink dot stickers, put one down above the heart in the centre for a cherry. Draw around the circle and make a stalk with the black pen. If you don't have a dot sticker, simply colour the circle in red as I have.

4. Lastly go to town with your little stamps and stamp out your message or handwrite it. Such fun!

You can get all of the things you need to make these from The Make Good Co. They ship worldwide and have an amazing range of stickers, tags, bags and even yarns for all your crafty needs. 

This is not a paid post, however I am currently a brand ambassador for The Make Good Company who have kindly provided the products I've used for this DIY.

Has preparing for a party, ever led you to come up with a crafty handmade solution?

Monday, 28 September 2015

The crocodile with a show stopping smile...

Last weekend we took the kids to the Royal Melbourne Show. If you can get over the crowds (I hate crowds) and if you aren't paying for rides, showbags or food, it's pretty good! It all winds up tomorrow for this year, so get your skates on if you want to visit.

Kiddie Rides at the Melbourne Show

I would probably have to go to the show sans children to be able to spend the time I'd like to in the craft and cookery pavilion. We did get to visit the pavilion however, all because I had entered Miles the Crocodile (see previous post) in the Royal Children's Hospital Cuddly Toy Class.

Exhibits in the Craft and Cookery Pavilion

The toys entered in this section get judged, they are displayed, and then donated to the Royal Children's Hospital when the show is over. I was pretty excited to make something for the show that would go on display. I was also pretty excited that it would then go to a child in hospital who was no doubt in need of cheering up.

Toys on display - Spot Miles!
The most excited I got was when my husband found him on display and called to me to come quickly and look look! Miles had a ribbon... Second prize. I then started calling to the boys to come and look. 'Mummy's won second prize!'. They didn't much care, Arthur (almost three) wanted to liberate Miles from behind the glass and Felix wandered off.

I looked around with a goofy grin on my face to see who else was amazed by my awesome knitting prowess. I was met with a cold stare from an elderly lady standing at a nearby podium surrounded by a small audience. I think she was attempting to describe the correct density of a fruitcake, and perhaps my enthusiasm may have caused some interruption.

Hooray for Miles!
Who cares?! I have a ribbon and now I am hooked! I'll be entering again next year, blue ribbon all the way baby!

What's the most excited you've been about something you've made?

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Handmade Challenge - September Update

I don't want to panic anyone, but... 

PANIC STATIONS!! I have only inched marginally closer towards achieving anything off my handmade challenge list, and my 'to make list' is growing.

For my handmade challenge I still have to make an apron, a card table tent, a bolero, a dollhouse and a Christmas tree skirt.

I have started the bolero, I have cut out the pattern for the apron, and have collected together all the items I need for the doll house. I have nothing for the tree skirt or the tent.

Things added to my 'To Make List' include; Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, invitations, birthday baking, not to mention the orders that keep popping up from my online store.

Nobody panic! Except me, I'm panicking.

How are you going with your list?

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Jumping JollyBeans!

Last week, I had the good fortune to receive a message from the lovely Shea of JollyBeans, who offered to send me one of her handmade wooden cameras to put a smile back on our faces after our recent misfortune of being burgled.

Low and behold, in the post arrived a packaging containing not just one, but three gorgeous, handmade, wooden cameras. My three have been absolutely delighted with their new found hobby!

Sophie with her Watermelon Camera

Take a look at Shea's marvellous creations and read all about her handmade adventure below;

How & when did Jollybeans come about?

Established in 2014 making reversible sun hats, the idea came when I wasn't finding anything suitable for my newborn Jack, from there it was late night breastfeeding sessions and flicking through Pinterest on how to evolve my handmade buisness. My husband is a cabinet maker and we both have a love for anything made of timber. So my journey of hand crafted toys began.

Is Jollybeans your day job? Or a hobby business?

WAHM for sure, JollyBeans always had started out as a day time hobby whilst out baby slept but now it has turned into my job. I'm a girl boss for life!

JollyBeans Jump Rope

Where do you work from?

I've gone from sewing in the lounge room to transforming our sunroom to my own creative space. Sun filled and looking out to a relaxing backyard is the perfect place for JollyBeans. Packing usually takes over the dining table during restocks lol

What do you love most about what you do?

There's a number of things I love about what JollyBeans means for me, feedback the good (and bad) helps a lot in my business, it allows me to create high quality items. Customers and my loyal stockists have all been so wonderful to me and giving the brand a chance.

The hand-made community, the ladies and gents I've "met" so far through having an online/social media business have really encouraged and supported me since I started on this journey to all I owe a really big thank you. 

Posting items away to their new homes and awaiting nervously for appreciated feedback and being tagged in joyful photos! 

Say Broccoli!

What is your favourite item?

Say Broccoli camera's.
The time I devote to each one and knowing "say broccoli" is our families phrase when having photos taken, that really brings it home for me. The colours pop and I love matching our skipping ropes to these too.

What does the future hold for Jollybeans?

Possibilities are always endless when we set our minds to achieve great things. At the moment we (my husband and I) are going to create a few decor and storage pieces together. Keeping on trend with our love and passion woodworking so that's something I'm really excited to be doing with him.
We've also teamed up with some beautiful stores to begin collaborating, it's hush hush for now but really cool! 

I look forward to the launch.

You can keep up to date with JollyBeans on Instagram, check them out in stores and shop direct 24/7 online!

Does your child / children have a favourite handmade toy?