Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Great Knitaway 2017

Okay, here we go, I have finally decided on my big challenge for 2017.

There are lots and lots of things I want to make, things for my children, family and friends. There are also so many patterns I want to try out.

After being so very, very lucky to be gifted wooly items through the generosity in the Instagram knitting community and knitters pay it forward movement, I want to gift to those who need it most.

So in supporting my favourite charity Knit One, Give One, I am going to knit 10 items on my want to knit list, and gift these to KOGO by June 30 2017.

Some Rules;

* I can't knit and gift an item made from same pattern twice! 10 different items, 10 different patterns.
* I can't knit a pattern I've made previously, it all has to be patterns I'm making for the first time.
* I still have to make the other items on my list, knits for birthdays, weddings etc.
* All 10 Items have to be finished and delivered to Knit One Give One by June 30 2017.

My plan is to make beautiful, one of a kind items that will help lift the spirits of someone I have never, and will never meet.

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that we once received the gift of a beautiful handmade quilt from an unknown quilter at the quilters guild. It was for our little girl when she was just a newborn, recovering from her first open-heart surgery in hospital. This really had an amazing effect on our mood and outlook. We will cherish the quilt forever, so I know firsthand what a difference something handmade with love can make.

Do you have any suggestions? Any patterns that have caught your eye? Please let me know!

Want to play too? I'd love for you to join me! Follow the rules above, gifting your items to any charity you desire. Play and follow along on Instagram using #knitaway2017

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Making - An Update

I have been making, and no, I haven't been blogging, not here anyway! I've had many distractions this last few months, one major one being the business my husband and I are setting up called Cocooned.

After caring for our daughter in hospital, having had two open heart surgeries and numerous other surgeries, it became apparent that dressing your child under these circumstances is extremely difficult, and so, we designed clothing that will help families in this situation.

We're still working on the design and should be moving into manufacture soon (fingers crossed).

So as well as making things, designing clothing and doing 'business stuff' I've also been over at the Cocooned blog, blogging about support for families who are caring for their child in hospital.

Boy have I been making though! What have I been making? Well, I have recently knit my first pair of socks!! Oh my gosh, that was terribly exciting, so exciting I've since made a second pair and am chomping at the bit to make a third!

My First Ever Pair of Socks! - Three Colour Socks

2nd Pair of Socks! - Purl Soho Pom Pom Socklets 
(sans pom poms!)
Yarn from We Love Knitting

I've made a stack of little cup cosies to support Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) research,  You may remember my post on Mel's Hats for Aleshia campaign. Well now Mel has a new campaign called Cup of Hope. Make sure you are following her on Instagram so you can get your hands on one of hers (or my) cup cosies. 

A fantastic stocking stuffer and a great cause to support. I've made my own pattern in 8ply (DK) yarn and when I get the opportunity, I will pop it up on the blog.

Stack of Cosies

Other makes... Baby blanket for an adorable new little man, an octopus, mittens for Lion and the Snail
, a tea cosy, as well as a little (mini) faux taxidermy triceratops and a giant doughnut (really should have photographed them side by side)!

Baby Blanket - My own Pattern

Octopus - Pattern from Purl Soho
My design is a smaller version. 8ply on smaller needles.

My own baby mitten designs!
You can find them at Lion and the Snail

Skipping Girl Tea Cosy
This was my own design from an existing pattern

Mini mini Faux taxidermy Triceratops!
Pattern by Sincerely Louise

Made with 10 ply (Aran) on 4mm needles

Pattern from Donna Wilson's Book;
 35 knitted animals and other creatures
(or doughnuts I guess!)

Yipes, it's all very knitty, isn't it?! I do have some sewing projects I really want to get to, Mum and I did make some sewn fish together (to become Christmas decorations) that was fun.

Catch of the day!! Pattern from the book Tilda's Toy Box

I also managed a Hammered Leatherworks Whisk Luggage Tag. Which I haven't whisked away for any major holidaying as yet...

I did made a monkey 4th birthday cake too.

Monkey Cake!
Plus, thanks to the CWA, I got myself a new crafty skill. Japanese braiding or Kumihimo. 

So easy and so addictive! My 5 year old loved it too

So as far as my 2016 'challenge', make 12 items in 12 months, by my count, I've already done it! Not much of a challenge though is it?! I think I need to up my game for 2017...

Seriously, a big handmade challenge for 2017, any ideas?